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Over time, people's teeth tend to naturally deteriorate. When a tooth has deteriorated substantially, it often needs to be extracted. And when multiple teeth are extracted, dentures may be the most appropriate solution.

Dentures are removable appliances that replace lost teeth. Dentures are called “partial” if some of your own teeth are remaining and “full” if none remain. Should we all decide that dentures are the best option for you, your denture will be made using teeth in a range of shades and shapes that we will match to either your remaining teeth or if none, your colour preference. These teeth are then fitted into a base that is customised to fit the anatomy of your mouth.

Dentures can create a natural and healthy looking set of teeth. A properly fitting set of dentures are comfortable and hardly move around, making eating an enjoyable experience. They reverse the sunken mouth look found in ill-fitting denture wearers and can take years off your face. They can also greatly enhance your smile and sense of self-esteem. At thegallery we'll discuss all the different options with you. We offer a range of new and replacement dentures to suit all budgets and preferences. Please call us on 01280 822567 to book an appointment to discuss your teeth.

Author : Selvaraj Balaji

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